Vision Note

Our Mission: To support, sustain, and advocate on behalf of Jewish life across Islamic States.

Our Aspirations:

• Provide a platform for rabbis and Jewish communities in Muslim countries to connect with and support one another on issues of common concern, as well as to serve as a collective voice that complements their individual engagement and advocacy with national governments and beyond.

• Enable and safeguard Jewish practice across the Muslim world – from arranging, leading, and teaching prayers and festival traditions to ensuring the provision – and even encouraging the production – of kosher food locally. Also, to strengthen the capacity of local Jewish communities to serve as a “home away from home’ for Jewish visitors and business travelers.

• Advance the strategic engagement between faith leaders through the formation of the ARIS Charter – and transforming the Abraham Accords into an active grassroots dialogue between peoples.

• Develop a global network of Friends of ARIS who assist ARIS by providing strategic advice, expanded networks of professional and personal contacts, professional services, and political and financial support.

• Develop online content that promotes ARI, focusing such critical issues, among others, as interfaith dialogue, Jewish faith-based connections to Hebrew and the Land of Israel, and community profiles in locally spoken languages such as English, Arabic, Farsi, and Hebrew. ARIS will also generate and disseminate related content on social media channels as an authoritative voice on Jewish affairs in Muslim communities worldwide.

• Visits between ARIS leaders across members-states will help solidify and solidify the network and forge stronger connections between the communities residing in Muslim societies. These ties will enable local branches to benefit from a global network spanning Asia, Africa and Europe.

• Convene Rabbis and communal leaders for an annual in-person summit – with training workshops, dialogue with faith leaders etc. to be hosted by a member/Muslim state.

The Alliance of Rabbis in Islamic States (ARIS) was created to connect and support the activities of rabbis serving Jewish communities in predominantly Muslim countries.